For this module, the three rules of splitting, translating, and end rule had to expressed. The rule of splitting stated cutting across a polyhedron, which would result in two polyhedral. We decided to not split completely across the polyhedron but only cut out a sectional portion, which would still result in two polyhedral. The resulting polyhedral that was cut out of the original is then translated along the X, Y, or Z-axis. When translated, the cut out "slabs" intercept each other which would cut different holes in other slabs. We also created another rule set that defined the dimensions of every cut and slabs. The cuts can only be made at 1/3 the distance of the length and width. After a cut is made, that side will be divided into x and y and so the next cut can only be made at 1/3 of x or 1/3 of y. Each cut's length will be 3/4 the length or width, depending on which side the cuts begin. The cut's widths will always be 1/2". The "slabs" can only move 1/3 the length of the cuts along the X,Y, or Z-axis.

Fragmented Massing