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Atlantis Hub Display

A Transportation Hub Display Screen Design



4 weeks


Hamza Qureshi,

Zhuoying Lin,

Fengyi Zhang


Hand Sketching,


After Effect,

Adobe XD



Journey Mapping,

Usability Testing



The challenge:

The harbor region wants to promote the existing tourism industry as well as increase the efficiency of the transportation.

The Outcome:

data-driven environmental display in a transportation hub that is easy to understand for users and helps stakeholders promote the new PTF Travel Pass, which combines flight, train, and ferry travel through Atlantis Transit Hub on the Greater San Juan Islands


Triple Display

Four layers of transportation and activities information are layered in three transmitting display screen, changing every 8 seconds. The most urgent boarding information is always on the top sections with local animation that reminds users.

Process Book - 3_Page_41.jpg


Once visitors see the destination they want, they can press the button and print out a schedule , for both outbound and inbound trips.

If they are printing for a tourism event, travel information and coupons will be printed.

Process Book - 3_Page_42.2.jpg


On the end of each printed schedule, there will be a promoting message for the PTF pass to reinforce user’s awareness.

On the other hand, the buttons help stakeholders to collect data —- how many user learn about each event from this display.



The process



User Persona Analysis

persona elisabeth.jpg
persona first visitor.jpg
persona 3.jpg

Elizabeth - Transportation Director

The stakeholder won’t directly interact with the display, but she is concerned about its usability, and the marketing of PTF Pass.


George - First Time Tourism

Travelers are not familiar with the area. They are looking for vacation spots, and want a pleasant experience planning the routes.


Patrick - Frequent Traveler

Business travelers have a tight schedule and know their destinations well. They want quick access and accuracy.



Identifying Opportunities in Data

We are given a set of working schedule of the Atlantis Transit Hub's flights, trains, and ferries to and from different parts of the San Juan Islands.

The objective of our data model is three-fold:

  1. Distinguish urgent schedule information with the normal one.

  2. Display the information to mostly accommodate visitor’s need.

  3. Promote PTF and other tourism activities Intermittently

SORTING & GROUPING - Destination & Transportation

SORTING & GROUPING - Destination & Transportation

After sorting the data, we figured that

  1. There is a lot more than what users would care.

  2. Smart grouping would reduce complexity.

SHOW THE HIERARCHY - Time & Destination

SHOW THE HIERARCHY - Time & Destination

How important each information is depends on the specific user we are targeting. But there is a shared hierarchy.

  • Destination = Searching Key

  • Departure + Gate = Action.



Surprisingly, there are as many departures from the transit harbors as from Atlantis hub. And for either Hub or Harbor, there are only limited destinations available.


Group information by destination, and departure location.



Prototyping the Information Architecture of Display.

Design Goal:

  • Highly Legible, tourism focused, neat interface, which also provides sufficient information.



Design Iteration